Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome to the first AA meeting!

Life's a Beach


     I am Iman, a college student who can not function without perfectly polished nails. And, I am Mar a college graduate, who is addicted to bright colors & glitter. We would like to welcome you to your very first AA meeting.

      You're probably wondering: NOT ANOTHER BEAUTY BLOG….right? Well first off, we'd like to say you can never have enough swatches! And secondly, may we ask you a question? Have you been drawn to a particular shade of nail polish and you had to have it? Or walked into a beauty store (i.e. Sephora, Planet Beauty, Ulta…) and had the intention of buying only one nail polish, but walked out with 8 new shades instead? Have you spent your rent/lunch/charity/
all-the-pennies-in-your-jar-money on nail polishes? Have you tried purchasing a nail polish online, only to google search the swatch? If answered yes to any of the above: This IS the place for you.
      We understand - sometimes the necessity you feel to be wearing "turquoise and caicos" right this second can stress you out! But please, take a deep breath and think calm soothing thoughts; like this image above. Brings you right back down to earth don't it? Like with the image, we believe that Life is a Beach. Why should you have to be in doubt over a color? Or hide the fact that you have to change your polish every other day because you have commitment issues? And there's nothing wrong with loving glitter on your nails! This is NO longer about hiding your addiction. Let's start fresh. Let's Come Clean. (and by no means do we mean "clean" polish less nails…heaven forbid!)

      Acetone Anonymous would like you to come out and say that you are proud of your beauty collection and it is perfectly okay to want to indulge yourself in a beauty ritual. There's no need to be ashamed or embarrassed anymore! And why stop at nail polish? Are you OCD about clumpy mascara? Are you overdosing on lipstains? Are your cheeks high from all the contouring? These are your AA meetings, and we welcome you with new beauty information that you won't ever want to look away from. This is your sanctuary.

      We invite you to join us in our search for the best colors and chicest looks and more importantly, to celebrate all things that make us happy! We want to share all we know with you, and we want you to share what you know with us. Let the fun begin. :)

-Mar and Iman

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