Sunday, October 7, 2012

L'oreal's Spice Things Up

If you absolutely adore coral and have been having major anxiety of not being able to wear your bright orange-y red colors this color is perfect for you! It's the perfect (muted) coral for fall. May I introduce you all to L'oreal Colour Riche Nail Color in Spice Things Up.

I absolutely love this polish. Not only the color, but also the formulation and brush. This is the first polish I have bought from the L'Oreal and I am very impressed. The wide brush is very similar to OPI's (my favorite!) and the formula was on the thicker side which is good because it was perfectly opaque. I can see this polish getting a little goopy a few uses down the road, but add a little acetone and you'll be fine!

I very highly recommend this polish to everyone, and if the line is consistent then the whole line as well!

Hope your fall is going well!


Friday, October 5, 2012

LOTM: M.A.C - Rebel



      I'm sure you have seen this lipstick at the M.A.C counter? The dark purple one..upon first glance you think "Only witches, vamps & people looking for a Halloween costume look would wear this color…" But my friends I'm here to tell you that those witches & vamps in your ind have the sexy lip color shade you've been looking for. It might be scary trying it out, but your at beauty counter…you have to try it. No, really it's begging to be admired. It needs your attention. 

 I realize that this image might seem a little weird, but this is how I discovered this unknown color (to me at least..) 
M.A.C sent out a very appealing Lip & Nail color collection this past spring. The collection wasn't anything new, but more about how different countries love the M.A.C lipsticks. A Different shade for a Different Country/Continent.

 (I believe Rebel was a favorite of the L.A. area…cool right?)
Something about the glossy purple lips & dark purple varnished nails just tugged at my inner diva. So I decided to try it out, and low and behold it was the darkest purple color in the lipstick stand. I know my photo above doesn't do the actual purple color justice, but when you go to look for it you will know what I'm talking about. 

As soon as I tried it out, I knew the rebel inside me would love it…see what I did there? I bought, and had a chance to play around with it. Needless to say it's kind of my go-to when I'm not in the mood for a vibrant red lipstick. Plus I find this color more in trend with season, don't you think?

I think this photo below gives a more accurate color, the above photo's is what it would look like say with the flash on. I also swatched it on my hand. Hope this gives you an idea. It is very a rich hue and since it's in the Satin family at M.A.C it has a smooth finish to it. It also looks glossy, which I kinda like in a lipstick. If your looking for matte I would try Make Up Forever. They have some good options. 

I have also tried the Rebel Lipglass and that is also equally rich in hue, if your more of gloss girl then I say go for it. Since I am indefinitely in love with this, I'm trying to plan my halloween costume around this lip color…crazy right?!

Tell me how it looks on you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NOTD: Making your Manicure Last Longer

      Today's Nail Of The Day's all about making your manicure/paint job last longer. When I put a color on, I kind of want it to last me a good four days…but really, who am I kidding? They barely look fresh for 3 days. Usually not only are my tips grown out but the top part of my nail or shall I say the nail bed where the cuticles are have also been chipped away.
      My approach was so that I could redo my tips in the red shade, and my nail beds with a fun glitter polish! Who can say no to glitter?

      Getting the glitter to the nail beds is pretty tricky. What I do is, when I go back to take off the excess polish on my brush I do-not rub the brush off all the way. I stop almost close to the bristle tips of the brush and pull away from the edge and lift my brush up. So that way, all my polish has now gathered onto the tip. This makes it easier to apply a slightly thin to medium coat on the nail bed. The rest is all about maneuvering your brush.
      Another easier way to go about is to get a small paintbrush or liner brush and use that to rim your nail beds. Either way will work fine.

If your wondering what colors I've used: 

**Zoya: Janice…. buy here
Sephora by O.P.I: Sparkling Personality (part of the betsy johnson collection) 
& Its on Sale!!! buy here

** Note about Zoya: If your picky about the brushes different brands have. I can honestly say Zoya has one of the best brush application ever.