Saturday, September 15, 2012

Designer of the Moment: ZOE KARSSEN

      Anyone whose anyone that claims to know fashion, should know about Zoe Karssen; and how she's driving us mad with all the sold out signs we're seeing. This "Creme de la Creme" sweatshirt, has become so iconic, that it is now causing a widespread pandemic to acquire said piece. For me however, I fell in love with Zoe, back when the Dark Knight Rises came out, and I wanted some kind of bat shirt. WELL, she also happens to do a series of bat shirts. SURPRISE!!!! You can probably guess the amount of excitement I had when I saw this. Back in July, the infamous "Creme de la Creme" clothing was still available. Sadly I did not purchase it and it has officially come back from the dead is now haunting my ass & wallet for not buying it. 

It also didn't help that Net-A-Porter paid homage to Catwoman by curating a collection, inspired by this fierce feline femme a.k.a Anne Hathaway. Knowing myself, I was literally craving this shirt. Plus the Louboutins & McQueen clutch add a nice touch, don't you think?
But my problem doesn't end there. I also am in LOVE with their other sweatshirt; which is also on the verge of selling out….literally as I speak I feel like it's slipping through my trackpad on my mac. 
This FABULOUS sweatshirt in this DELICIOUS pale pink color. Oh my…Oh La La…to be exact. Now excuse me while I go count my pennies and buy this before it sells out. But, of course I won't leave your with out an image...

Yeah you want it too… Game on, Betch. 

*P.S: if your still looking for anything "creme de la creme" - the best bet would be start on ebay. 


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