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Fall Fest - Lace

Fall Fest - Lace

      When it comes to lace, nobody and I mean nobody  does it better than Duchess Catherine ( nee` Kate Middleton). I mean, we've all "ooh, & aaah" all her outfits and google imaged her every time she steps out in public (at least i do.) But I've come to realize that sadly I am not a royal and I have no where to wear such gorgeous lace dresses; I've opted to wear lace modestly. After this sad reality check, I also had another realization: I'm a Lace SnobI don't just like every kind of lace. Some of the lace shirts use the kind you see at a vintage doll store, or belong on your grandmothers coffee table. Some of the prints are repeated in a non-flattering kind of way. Sometime the lace color option you are given "" is not what your looking for. It almost like Mission Impossible to find THE perfect nude lace color that doesn't wash you out. God, sorry I feel like I'm ranting. But before this become an Ode to the Lace dress/shirt, I've searched high and wide (on the far), for stores that do Lace just fine. 

  • Zara - since they're from the UK and a favorite of the Duchess. This should be your first stop. every season they do a different kind of lace, not all of it is perfect but you can find "The one". The price is pricey, but if your willing to spend a fraction on this piece instead of the authentic Alexander McQueen, you have AA's blessing (because I wouldn't want you to have buyer's remorse, which might need some therapy…and honey this isn't a therapy session, it's a support group. So I support your decision to buy that dress!)
  • TopShop - I have a history with topshop. Before it became ever oh-so popular ( circa the frenzy created by Kate moss) I was in NY for one summer and I went into topshop and for some reason…didn't buy anything. I know, someone please give me the Anna Wintour cold glare that might send me to my fashion grave. Anyways. Topshop has a mix of things and they do really nice chiffon/silk/lace tops & dresses. Again shuffle through the mix and you shall be rewarded with an amazing find.
  • Piperlime - somehow this is my last resort when I desperately need to find something, and it never disappoints. But I really need to stop making this my last resort, because they have spectacular options and in affordable prices. Plus it's always on trend+season.
  • Shopbop - If your looking to spend a few hundreds…like 2 or 3 maybe? Shopbop's got you covered, and they always have the right lace dress. Always. The end. But if it makes your wallet un-comfy the next one might make it happy.
  • Forever21 - BEFORE you judge. I have not been to a forever 21 in 2 years & I know the quality is not the best. BUT I did happen to stumble into one after seeing some nice blouses on the display window. I was a little shocked to see they've stepped up a little and started to be on trend. This fall they have really nice lace shirts for amazing prices. If you want one just for kicks and not pay a lot this is definitely the place for you.
So with out further ado, Here are my picks for fall:


2. * kinda reminds me of the 1920's. Halloween costume anyone?


3.* The print isn't obsessive and its Peplum!! Plus midnight blue color is gorgeous 
 4. * Black Lace LBD??! WHAT? ….yes please buy me!


** First I want to share with you the dresses I'm literally seeing in my dreams at night ** 


Paging: Duchess Catherine!!!*
How can you not love this? & the Back is to die for!
& also comes in a gorgeous purple color! *Check it!


* The lace print isn't as amazing as the dress above, but this plum color is making my closet go into depression.


* In a pickle? Don't know what to wear to a wedding? Graduation? Date night?
This is the dress for you? Lace is enough and the nude creates the perfect canvas for jewelry, blazer, heels. and guess what? It's only $60!


* Perfect to wear with anything!! & its on SALE! Better hurry!



* I love the nude/lace combo. This overlay blouse is great for everyday or to any job interviews/dinners. 


* I actually own this blouse, so there maybe some sort bias of opinion here. I love the sheerness & the lace all down the center of the shirt. The bow tie is perfect because it's in trend!

Did you think I would leave you without links? Credit cards ready? Set… SHOP!

1. Lace Dress $99
2.Lace Skirt -$59

3. Lace Peplum Top $56
4. Black Lace Cap Sleeve dress $64

5. Madison Marcus Lace Dress $328 - Hunter Green
6. Trina Turk Geddes Lace Dress $328 - Plum
7. Sabine - Lace Dress $60
8. Sabine Lace Tank $23.97

Forever 21:
9. Overlay Blouse $22
10. Lace Trimmed Blouse $19.80


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